Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment - The CMS experiment is one of the largest particle detectors ever built operating at the CERN LHC near Geneva, Switzerland. I am a member of the CMS collaboration operating the experiment and analysing its data.
   Diboson resonance searches - At the CMS experiment, I am searching for new heavy resonances that decay to pairs of massive bosons. Discovering such a resonance could explain how the gravitational force is linked to the other forces we know. I am currently leading the corresponding CMS analysis group.
   High Granularity Endcap Calorimeter (HGCal) - The HGCal is a new CMS subdetector to be built in the next couple of years. It uses mostly hexagonal silicon sensors and features a large number of reconstruction channels promising very good resolution. I am working on the development of reconstruction algorithms to make best use of the detector's capabilities.
   Outreach - I am an official CERN and CMS guide. Furthermore, I run a couple of twitter bots to advertise the new LHC results to the public. The link there leads to the CMS results bot.
   New ideas - There are several more smaller projects that I work on. For more information, have a look at my github profile.